Ethical, Legal, Security, Social Issues:   
    The future outlook for smartphones looks positive; however, their security and legal concerns are not looking so bright. The sensitive risk for these devices is losing data and personal information if the memory card is stolen or lost (2, 2010). Another concern about the smartphones is exposing private data if the phone is sold or sent to repair without its memory erased (2, 2010). Moreover, other potential risk is the growing number of viruses in smartphones through texting or SMS and other exploits; another risk is that VPN connected device could expose corporate network to hackers (2, 2010). As the smartphones are becoming a new form of the personal computer, they are even more exposed to risk of legal and security concerns in terms of password management, encryption, authorization, and others. When you are using a personal computer to use other workplace materials, you are at least confident that you can delete the files; however, when you download the files on a phone and lose it with the memory card, one can illegally use your work to harm your company as well your personal information.   
Security and Ethical Issues:
    The security concerns of smartphones could potentially lead to ethical issues at the workplace. When you are using smartphones to download documents from your phone, your company policy might be prohibiting company documents to outsiders, but some people might be breaking the principals by downloading the workplace information on their phone (2, 2010). You could also be breaking the company policy by using smartphones to record meeting or taking pictures (2, 2010). More and more organizations are breaking their company policy by using smartphones at workplace instead of using a personal phone provided by their company.
Further Research:
       Further research could be done to gain more inside information on the iPhone 4G and the HTC Evo 4G. More study could be done by focusing on the features and design in more details. There are other securities and legal issues, which this paper did not touch on that could potentially be research. After comparing the iPhone 4G with the Evo, I have learned more than I thought I knew about them. If I have to pick one of the phones, I would pick the HTC Evo for several reasons.  I would pick HTC Evo because it has an 8- megapixel camera, and I often take pictures with my phone. Moreover, I would pick the HTC Evo because it has a bigger screen size and it is provided by Sprint.  I could keep going with the reasons I have for choosing the HTC Evo, but overall I believe both phones are outstanding in design and presentation to consumers.